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Use Least-Likely Scorer

When only seconds remain in a tie game and the ball is to be inbounded on the baseline, defenses focus on the big-time scorers — go the other way and win the game

This is a great play to use in a tie game with just a few seconds remaining. The set is designed for your least-likely scorer and catches the defines off-guard. The Portland Trail Blazers used it to defeat Denver last month with Robin Lopez scoring the bucket.

With the ball coming into play on the baseline, set up in a box. Portland had Nicolas Batum inbounding with LaMarcus Aldridge on the weak block, Wesley Matthews on the weak elbow and Damian Lillard at the strong elbow — all better scoring options than Lopez.

Aldridge pops high up the lane as Matthews clears to the far corner. Lillard flashes toward the ball-side corner as Lopez looks at the opposite block as if he’s going to set a screen, then begins sealing his defender [1]. Batum throws over the top to Aldridge. Lopez now has sealed his defender and is posting up in the lane. Aldridge makes the high-low pass [2]. Lopez powers up the in-close shot [3].


The quick glance by Lopez is important as defenders expect a lot of screens from a box set. This set doesn’t use any screens but giving the impression it does fools a defense.

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