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Staggered Screen Sets Up Double Option

Use ball reversal, an initial curl and a staggered screen to set up a secondary curl creating two high-percentage scoring options along the strong-side lane line

This plays creates a pair of high-quality scoring opportunities and leaves a pair of back-side offensive rebounders ready in case of a miss.

Start from a 1-4 High with the ball in the point guard’s hands at the top, guards on opposite wings and posts at opposite elbows.

1 passes to the left wing then runs at the right wing. 1 uses a high screen from 4 to get free on the right wing. 2, who started on the right wing, cuts hard to the left-side block [1]. 4 steps out and receives a pass from 3. This initiates the ball reversal and it is continued when 4 passes to 1. 3 then runs off a back-side screen from 5. 3 establishes position on the right block [2]. 5 and 4 move low and set a staggered screen for 2. 2 curls around the screens and flashes to the ball-side elbow. 1 either feeds 3 in the post or 2 on the curl for the shot [3].


After setting their screens, 4 and 5 are positioned on the back side for a potential offensive rebound. 1 also takes a quick look at 4 or 5 slipping their screens if the defenders start cheating toward the curler as this frees the space under the hoop.

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