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Revamped Weave Forces Hustle, Accuracy

When the updated Weave Drill is executed properly, expect players to push themselves for success rather than go through the motions

Don’t ditch the Weave Drill — change it and reap the rewards.

A player is under the hoop with a ball. A teammate is positioned in front of the hash mark on each sideline. Set up a line of players behind these three positions.

The initial pass goes from the middle to one of the wings. The passer follows the pass and instead of simply running behind the receiver, goes all the way to the sideline before coming back into play. The non-receiver wing cuts toward the middle of the floor and receives the second pass. The drill continues with another pass to the right, then back to the middle as passers go behind the receiver all the way to the far sideline [2]. The first cycle ends with a layup. The shooter clears to the other sideline as the opposite wing swoops in and grabs the ball out of the net. The final passer follows the pass and runs all the way to the sideline [3].


The key is for passers to sprint to the sideline rather than slowly trotting behind the pass. Also, the ball only is allowed to hit the ground for one dribble on the layup.

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