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Posts Pass, Shoot On The Move

The first 3 daily post-player drills focus on passing, moving and scoring at the rim with body control and a soft touch

Timing and rhythm fuel a successful post player. Run through these quick drills everyday to sharpen the skills on your forwards and centers.

A coach and post player are positioned at a hoop.

The post faces the baseline and slides (feet not crossing) to the corner. From the corner, the player back pedals to the wing, then cuts hard to the hoop. Pass the ball and the post scores at the rim [1]. The second drill starts with the post running to the corner, receiving a pass and passing back. The post then cuts hard to the hoop, secures another pass and scores at the rim [2]. Now, have the player stand in the middle of the lane facing away from the baseline. Stand behind the post with two basketballs. Drop a ball. The post turns quickly, finds the ball, executes a drop step toward the baseline and scores. Drop the other ball as the first shot is taken and the same movements are completed [3].


Do not allow dribbling. When a post is this close to the hoop, a dribble only invites a smaller defender to steal the ball in a game. Teach going strong to the rim, protecting the ball and finishing tough.

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