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‘Omaha’ Drill Works Reflexes, Passing

Keep warm-up drills moving quickly while pushing skills you want — these passing drills are a perfect fit as they are efficient and test players’ accuracy

Be sure passing is a focus during your warm-up time — this a great drill to work on a variety of passes in a short time.

In the first phase of the drill, every player has a ball. Players are paired with one near the sideline and the other close to the lane line.

All players are in a defensive stance with a ball. A player rolls the ball to the partner, who also is rolling his or her own ball. Players continue to roll two basketballs back and forth for 30 seconds [1]. Now just the players on the sideline have a ball. Run through passing back and forth with chest passes, bounce passes (shown) and stationary shooting [2]. The players on the left lane line now separate further past the other side of the lane for back-and-forth baseball passes [3].


The first phase of rolling the ball works on players’ reflexes and gets them making accurate passes without thinking too much — they simply have to react. Keep the other phases moving quickly so players go off instinct, which is pivotal when attempting to beat a defense in a game.

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