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New Zealand Creates Mismatches

New Zealand ran this sideline play against the U.S. in the FIBA World Cup to create a post mismatch against a guard

If the opposition switches on screens, use this play to create a mismatch down low and a high percentage scoring opportunity for a post player on a smaller guard.

A forward (4) is at the top of the key with a guard (2) on the weak-side post. The point guard (1) is near mid-court with another post player (5) on the ball-side block.

2 comes high and back screens for 4. When the defines switches, now 4 has a smaller player defending [1]. After setting the screen, 2 sprints to the ball-side corner coming off a screen from 5, who has stepped out [2]. 5 steps higher to meet the ball. 3 passes to 5. 4 seals the defender on the weak-side block. 5 passes to 4 posting up. 4 now has a high-percentage shot at the rim with a smaller defender behind him or her [3].


Be sure 2 comes high and 4 doesn’t release low too early. If 2 and 4 become bunched together, it becomes easier for the initial defenders to stick with their assignments instead of switching. After running this play a couple times, watch the defense cheat back a bit. If so, look for 2 coming open in the corner for a 3-pointer.

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