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Lunge Dribble Builds Explosive First Step

Dribble with one hand and lunge forward as the back leg’s knee almost touches the ground – it’s going to hurt … but it’s going to help develop explosiveness

Players need more drills in which they are exploding through their dribbles while also working on staying low. Both of these skills lead to more useful first dribbles to place a defender on his/ her heels.

Line up several players along the mid-court line. Give them all a ball and have them face the baseline.

Start with the ball in either hand (in this example it’s the left). Take three power dribbles and lunge forward with the dribbling-side leg. The back leg’s knee should almost touch the ground [1]. After three dribbles, players cross-over dribble and use the opposite hand to complete the three power dribbles [2]. Cross back and finish this segment with the ball in the original hand [3].


Players must be stretched out and warmed up before this drill or they will pull hamstrings. If players feel any tightness or discomfort, then don’t do the drill that day. Players will be sore afterward but this is the best drill for building strength and power.

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