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Low Diagonal Screen Opens Backdoor Cut For A Layup

Send the weak-side wing toward the hoop off a backdoor screen as the offence moves through the high post

Quick cuts and passes from a 1-4 high set typically catch a defense off-guard and create easy scoring opportunities. This play provides you with a backdoor layup.

1 is dribbling the ball at the top of the set with the other two guards on the wings with the posts located at opposite elbows.

1 uses a dribble entry to begin the action. He dribbles at 2, who relocates to the right-side block [1]. After reaching the right block, 2 makes a low, diagonal cut across the lane. 1 passes to 5 in the high post. 3 streaks from the weak wing, runs off 2’s screen and has hands ready for a quick pass-and-catch opportunity to score at the rim [2]. 3 shoots the layup before the defines recovers as 4 and 5 crash the boards for a potential put-back opportunity [3].


3 doesn’t start the basket cut until 2 has moved into position. Break too early and it just creates a logjam of players in the lane. 5 should be your tallest player who easily holds the ball  over his or her head and has the ability to fire a pass over the defense.

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