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Hustle and Focus like Geno Auriemma’s Huskies

Hustle and focus are required in this drill teaching your players how to get down the floor quickly and score before a transitioning defense recovers.

Why use this drill

  • Ten-time national champion Geno Auriemma uses this drill with his team as it works as a conditioner while players build on-court skills.

Set up

  • The middle line starts with the ball.
  • There is a wing on each side.
  • Have another group of three ready to go once the first group completes the up-and-back.

How to play

  • 3 moves to get open, then 1 passes to 3
  • 1 cuts to the post or short corner (inside the pass).

  • 4 drags the defender low, then flashes to the high post.
  • 2 fades to the back-side wing [1].
  • 1 posts up or pops out (as shown).
  • 3 passes to 4 [2].
  • 3 downscreens for 1.
  • 1 comes to the wing.
  • 5 establishes position.
  • If possible, 5 ducks in and 4 throws a direct pass to the post.
  • If not, 4 passes across to 2, then 2 looks for 5 on the post [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this screen-and-roll play

Huskies' Hustle and Focus drill

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • The goal is for the three players to sprint through the end line before the ball goes through the net on the layup. As the layup is made, the next group enters the court and begins right away.
Michael Austin

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