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Hit The Trailer For A Backdoor Lob

This secondary break play positions two players along the strong-side lane line with the trailer cutting through the lane and scoring on the backside

The secondary break is perfect to attack a retreating defense.

The point guard (1) dribbles into the front court on the right side with the center (2) trailing. Position a player close to the right corner (2) with another on the strong side block (4). The final player (3) is on the weak block.

1 looks to pass to 5 trailing the play. 4 moves high up the lane line while 3 relocates to the strong-side block [1]. If 5 isn’t open, then that player continues through the lane to the weak side. 1 dribbles toward the top and feeds 4 in the high post. 4 catches the ball and looks to pass to 5 on the weak side. 5 may be open for an alley-oop lob pass or has established post-up position on the defender [2]. 5 shoots the layup as 3 boxes out and 4 crashes the glass [3].


If 5 is open as the initial trailer, instruct that player to attack the left side of the court with the dribble upon catching the pass. If 5 handles the ball well, this is a good scoring option when the defense forgets about staying close to the trailer.

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