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Hit Curling Shooter Off Screen

Set up a mid-range jump shot or a post-up opportunity in the lane after an initial dribble entry off a high screen

By having the ball-side guard clear opposite and low, it appears he or she is out of the play. Send the high ball screener low to pick off the guard’s defender and set up an open jumper.

The point guard (1) has the ball at the top of the set with a shooter (2) on the left wing and the small forward (3) on the left block. Your power forward (4) and center (5) are spaced on the right side to keep their defenders away from the action.

1 dribbles left as 3 comes high to set the ball screen. 3 first sets a screen for 2, who moves from the left wing to the right block [1]. After setting the ball screen, 3 moves low through the lane and screens for 2 again. 2 fakes toward the baseline, then curls around the screen in the opposite direction. 1 passes to 2 for the open jump shot [2]. If 2 isn’t open, 3 seals the defender and posts up in the lane [3].


1 doesn’t stare down the area where 2 is about to move, otherwise it’s a tip-off to the defense where you want the shot. With right-side spacing, if the pass goes to 3, then 3 drop-steps right and scores.

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