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‘Guard Outside’ Sets Up Post Feed

The point guard cuts outside the initial pass, which moves the back-side wing to the ballside block before the ball reverses and leads to another flash to the block.

Why use this drill

  • No play call is needed here. Simply have players react off the point guard’s movement after the initial pass.

Set up

  • The point guard starts with the ball shifted to the right side. The weak side has three players while the ball side just has a wing.

How to play

  • 3 gets open
  • 1 passes to 3
  • 1 then moves to the outside of 3 and to the corner
  • 4 flex-cuts off 5 to the block
  • 5 backscreens for 2
  • 2 cuts and looks for the lob [1]
  • 4 may have position on the ball-side block and if so, then 3 makes the post entry to 4 [2]
  • If the pass to 4 isn’t available, then the ball reverses on a pass from 3 to 5
  • 2 cross-screens for 4
  • 5 dribbles left and looks for 4 coming across to the new ball-side post
  • Make the pass to 4 for the in-close opportunity [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill:

‘'Guard Outside' Sets Up Post Feed

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • Once 1 goes outside of 3, everyone knows their role. 4 moves low and continues to the ball-side block. And, be sure 5 takes a dribble or two
    to create a better postpassing lane.
Michael Austin

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