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Flare Screen Frees 3-Point Shooter

When time is running out, run this play requiring a high flare screen, a cross-court pass and a shot taken in rhythm before the defense recovers

This is the perfect play to run with three seconds or fewer remaining on the clock and when you desperately need an open 3-pointer.

The point guard (1) takes the ball out of bounds while the other four players align in a box set. The best shooters are at the ball-side elbow and weak-side block. Place a post at the weak-side elbow and another on the ball-side block [1].


2 screens diagonally low for 3. 3 flashes toward the ball. 4 then comes high and sets a flare screen freeing 3 moving to the opposite wing. 5 steps into the lane and screens for 2, who locates to the near corner [2]. The first option is to pass to 3 coming off the flare screen. Also look for 2 in the corner if open. 4 and 5 get into rebounding position after setting their respective screens [3].


3 needs to sell that he or she is coming for the ball on the initial screen as this sets up the defender to be picked off by 4 on the flare screen. 5 must clog the lane to pick off 2’s defender so there are two inbound options.

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