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Drive & Drift For 3

Penetrate a zone with the dribble, then move a hot shooter into the opposite corner for a wide-open look at a long-distance shot

Zones defenses rely upon you tossing the ball around the perimeter and taking a contested, long shot. But, not all perimeter shots against a zone are bad — draw the defense and kick out for an open look.

Leading by four points with slightly more than 10 minutes remaining against Louisville’s stifling zone defines, Kentucky has the ball on the right side of the floor with the potential shooter on the opposite wing.

The post player at the foul line comes high. In this instance, the ball handler doesn’t need a screen and attacks the zone off the dribble [1]. Now almost behind the basket, the ball handler sneaks a peek at the opposite corner where the left-side wing player has relocated. The opposite post circles toward the front of the rim. The pass is made to the far corner [2]. The closest defender to the shooter is high at the elbow. Everyone has packed the lane on the dribble drive. It’s an easy spot-up- and-shoot situation [3].


The opposite post player circling in front of the rim pulls the defenders off the baseline and creates an open passing lane to the far corner.

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