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Drill Perfection In ‘Around The World’

Utilize all six baskets around your gym and force players to focus on making their high percentage shots or face the consequences

Early in the season it’s good to see where players stand when it comes to focus, concentration and mastering the fundamentals before jumping deep into strategy.

Use as many players at a time as you like (the example shows two players). Utilize all six baskets around your court if they are available. Mark off a larger circle outside of the center circle while adding a smaller circle inside the jump area.

The players start by dribbling at a basket and shooting an aggressive layup (alternate between right and left hands to shoot) [1]. If the player makes the layup, he or she dribbles to the outside circle at mid-court (as shown by the right-side player). If the player misses, he or she dribbles all the way to the middle of the court [2]. Make the layup and continue to the next hoop, miss it and go back and shoot again at the same hoop [3].


Once the basics are mastered, add in a progression where players execute certain kinds of dribbles before shooting a layup, such as crossover or behind-the-back. Also, progress into reverse layups and short pull-up jumpers.

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