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Dribble Drive, Kick Out For 3

Use your outside-shooting big man to set a high screen to create space for a dribbling teammate, then pop to the perimeter for an open 3-pointer

Posts and forwards don’t like defending on the perimeter. Dribble penetration brings those defenders closer to the rim as your shooting big man creates an open 3-point opportunity.

Overload the left side. The ball is at the top with your shooting big man (Kaminsky for Wisconsin) at the right elbow.

Take a couple dribbles into the set then pass out to the left-perimeter player circling behind the initial action [1]. On the catch, the new ball handler dribbles right. Kaminsky comes higher into the set and executes a ball screen. This frees the ball handler to gain the edge and penetrate deeper into the set. Kaminsky pops high. Both players along the baseline are relocating higher as well [2]. Just as the defense collapses, the ball handler kicks out a pass to the screener on the perimeter. Just like in the previous play, there is no defender higher than the free-throw line on the catch. It’s an open shot [3].


Having the weak-side baseline players come high pulls their defenders away from the dribbling action and sets up other kick-out options.

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