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Draw & Dish For A Top 3

Start with middle dribble penetration, then kick a pass to the corner, attack the baseline and watch the top of the set open

Successfully attacking the baseline against a zone pulls multiple defenders out of position and doesn’t leave anyone available to guard against a top-of-the-key 3-pointer.

Three minutes after the previous play and clinging to a five-point lead, Kentucky dials up another strong set to free up Tyler Ulis for a 3-pointer. Ulis begins with the ball on the right wing.

Ulis receives a high ball screen and attacks the middle while the screener rolls toward the hoop on the right side. The player on the deep right wing runs the baseline and relocates to the left corner [1]. The pass is made to the left corner as the ball handler approaches the free-throw line. The left-side forward posts up as the passer steps back to the top [2]. The new ball handler attacks the baseline, draws multiple defenders and fires a pass to the top. Ulis shoots the 3-pointer in rhythm as the closet defender is at the left elbow [3].


Four defenders have at least a foot in the lane during the pass to the top. There isn’t enough time to contest the shot.

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