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Disadvantage Drill Tests Offense

Playing 3-on-4 and needing to move the ball to mid-court, the offense must make quick  decisions to avoid traps and constant pressure

Sometimes a team’s defense is so good it seems like they have an extra player on the floor. Simulate that by having the defense play with an extra person.

The offense has one person taking the ball out of bounds under the basket and a player at each elbow. Four defenders cover the backcourt area with pressure on everyone, including fronting the two elbow players as there is a defender behind them to provide help.

The offense needs to inbound the ball and attempt to move up the court. The goal is to get across mid-court. The defines traps in the corners and on the sideline [1]. Be sure the offence uses the inbounder on a potential return pass if he’s open to shift the defense [2]. Attack the opposite side as the defense shifts in an attempt to execute another trap along the sideline. Off-ball offensive players continue to look for holes in the defense [3].


If the offense reaches mid court without turning over the ball, give them a point. If the defenders steal or force a turnover, they use their advantage and look to score. Play for five minutes.

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