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Clear Lane, Lob For Score

Trailing by 2 points with 0.8 seconds remaining at UMass, the Manhattan men’s team ran this baseline out-of-bounds play to perfection and forced overtime

With less than a second remaining in a game and the ball on the baseline, you need a quick-hitting play involving no dribbling and creating a high-percentage shot.

Use one of your best passers as the inbounder. Position a player near each block. Your best leaper and/or in-close scorer outside the 3-point line with a strong screener just below the free-throw line [1].

The players on the blocks clear to the corners to create space. The player near the elbow comes high and sets a back screen on the perimeter player’s defender. The perimeter player flashes to the hoop and receives a lob pass over the top of the defense [2]. Catch the ball and score while in the air to get the shot off in time [3].


In this instance, the UMass defender guarding the screener falls asleep and doesn’t react, which allows this play to work to perfection. If that defender switches and guards the flasher, then the screener may be open moving into a perimeter shooting window.


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