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Regroup After A Tough Loss

The locker room is silent, heads are hung low and the players are waiting for you to address them — follow these 4 strategies Pre-game motivational speeches are legendary in our culture. Everyone remembers giving or hearing an epic pre-game speech, which helped fire up the team. These speeches, however,… Read More


Now is the time for a nationwide shot clock

You ask your players to bust their tails on defense. You talk incessantly about your defensive philosophy. You preach defense wins championships. But, if you are not in favor of a shot clock, then most of what you say is idle chatter. The great equalizer in basketball games where there… Read More


How To Deliver The Perfect Team Talk

Say the wrong thing at the wrong time and your well-intentioned team talk could do more harm than good. Sports psychologist Bill Beswick reveals the secrets behind delivering the perfect team talk From February 3 until March 27, 2013, the NBA’s Miami Heat did not lose a game. The team’s 27-game winning streak is the… Read More


Run Your Team On The Right Fuel

Nutrition and diet are areas where coaches can have a positive influence on players to become healthier In simple terms, what we eat and drink provides the fuel for us to train, play and recover from training. What we need to know is what is the best fuel? Carbo education… Read More


Make a Difference On Game Days

You CAN make a difference on game day. Sure, every coach has a different style, but they all share a common goal – to get the best out of their team when it really counts Follow these simple dos and don’ts, and you WILL make a difference on game day…. Read More


Reward Your Players

Small rewards make an enormous amount of difference to players (of all ages). It doesn’t have to be the MVP trophy either, sometimes a candy bar is all they need The beauty of sweets is that a small bar of chocolate or candy can be used to encourage even the… Read More


Invest Time In All Your Players

A successful team is often a stable team. You may have a very clear idea of the basketball skills and qualities your players possess, but what do you know of them beyond that? By gaining a greater understanding of your players as individuals, you can help improve your ability to… Read More


Make Sure Your Players Are Listening

If your players aren’t listening, how will you get your important message across? Remember these six simple points to keep them concentrating when you are coaching Connecting and communicating with your players is not an easy thing. Have one player who is distracting the others or not paying attention, and your… Read More