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Head-to-head shooting drill

Players decide in advance how long to make the competition and what moves to use, then shoot head-to-head to determine a winner Why use this shooting drill Game shots are more than simply standing and shooting. Work on pull-ups, floaters and catch-andshoots in this competitive, two-player drill. Setting up this… Read More


Competitive game to practise shooting this off-season

The shooter must make two consecutive shots from one position to advance to the next – the goal is to finish all seven spots before 90 seconds expire. 3 reasons to use this drill This is a simple, competitive drill two players can do without coach supervision. Dissuade players from… Read More


Develop Smarter Passers

The 4-on-3 ‘Tight Corners Drill’ encourages smarter, faster passing as the offense attempts to use its numbers advantage to beat the defense. WHY USE IT Improve passing with high energy drills utilizing defenders. SET UP Each team has at least four players although only three at a time play on… Read More


Let Them Land, Keep Elbows In

The intentional-foul rule has changed with referees keeping a closer eye on how defensive players close out and controlling swinging elbows when securing possession WHY USE IT Once again, physical play has pushed it way into basketball much more during recent years. High school players now must provide a jump shooter space to land when in the… Read More


Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The new “excessive contact” rule comes from the college game and hones in on defenders impeding a ball handler’s momentum, especially on the perimeter WHY USE IT As the game has become more physical, players are used to placing their hands on ball handlers. That now is going to be called a foul more often as… Read More


Constantly Practice New Free-Throw Rule

After years of waiting for the ball to hit the rim on a free throw, now you must condition players to go after rebounds on the release – it all comes down to repetition WHY USE IT Your players aren’t used to entering the lane so early on a free throw. Teams not running… Read More


Wing-To-Wing Shooting

Catching and shooting in rhythm requires proper footwork, hand position and flow into the shot – work on all three skills in this drill WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL You are in a better position to score when players are moving on offense. A catch and-shoot opportunity has a better chance for… Read More


Plan A 30-minute Countdown To TipOff

When the team isn’t ready to play, physically or mentally, you’re on the back foot, so punctuality and preparation are key to starting a game on the right track Sometimes, due to poor directions, or traffic, or just plain bad timing, teams stagger onto the court just before the whistle… Read More


Make Sure Your Players Are Listening

If your players aren’t listening, how will you get your important message across? Remember these six simple points to keep them concentrating when you are coaching Connecting and communicating with your players is not an easy thing. Have one player who is distracting the others or not paying attention, and your… Read More


Make Your Training Sessions Fun

Possibly the most important key to successful youth basketball coaching is making training sessions fun for everyone – including you. You can only do this with careful planning Your practice plan should take into account the ages and capabilities of your players, but generally your sessions should follow this pattern:… Read More