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‘Guard Inside’ Attacks High Post

When the point guard cuts inside the initial pass, move the opposite wing to the high post and look for the weak-side post on a duck-in or post-up opportunity. Why use this drill A great way to keep defenses on its heels is to run sets where the offensive players… Read More


Lots of movement sets up backdoor

A lot of screening and motion goes into this set in which the opposite post comes high, sets a ball screen, rolls and eventually gets a pass from a dribbling wing. Why use this play Arizona’s offense has five players constantly moving, which keeps the defense on its heels and… Read More


2-3 zone defense

A great counter when facing a 2-3 zone, have your wings cross and screen the top defenders creating an opening for the ball handler to drive. Why use this zone play Robert Morris University ran this play against Youngstown earlier this season. Rather than the typical zone play in which… Read More


Open the corner for an uncontested shot

Draw the opposite-corner defender into the lane with a dribble drive, then have a curling wing player screen that defender to allow for an uncontested shot. Why use this play Duke makes 3-point shooting look easy because of the movements used to create open shots. Here, the opposite corner becomes… Read More


4v4 trap drill to ramp up intensity

Defenders trap on every pass as the offense attempts to find the open player before the drill spreads into a 4-on-4 full-court game with required trapping. Why use this drill? Ramp up the intensity with this passing and trapping drill, which turns into a full-court workout. Setting up this drill… Read More


Baseline out-of-bounds play to sneak in an open shot

Place your bigger posts on the ball-side of the 4 across set so they can screen for the two shooters and create an open jumper. Why use this out-of-bounds play? As defenses jump to stop the initial shooter curling around a double screen, sneak the second shooter around a second… Read More


Out-of-bounds play sets up second screen for open jumper

This drills starts your shooter on the weak-side block, then have the shooter screen high setting up a potential lob before coming off a second screen for an open jumper. Why use this out-of-bounds play? Running action toward the rim forces defenders to collapse, which leaves open spots for the… Read More


2-in-1 transition drill for conditioning and skill development

This drills runs from 2-on-3 to 3-on-2 to 2-on-1, which pushes defenders to sprint and pick up the ball in transition, and encourages the offense to attack. Why use this drill? Transition drills work conditioning and skill development into the same package. This drill does just that and rewards players… Read More


Play to set up an open shot

Why use this play? Defenses tend to forget about the initial screener. So, run this play off another screen and set up an open shot. The rolling second screener also may be open heading to the hoop. Setting up this play is easy Organize your player so that… 1 dribbling… Read More


Transition Post Pop & Screener Action

Use your trailing big man to set a high ball screen, which eventually leads to a pass back and your center flashing high or the point curling off a low screen. WHY USE IT As defenses scramble back in transition, a high ball screen opens multiple scoring options, which includes… Read More