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‘Guard Outside’ Sets Up Post Feed

The point guard cuts outside the initial pass, which moves the back-side wing to the ballside block before the ball reverses and leads to another flash to the block. Why use this drill No play call is needed here. Simply have players react off the point guard’s movement after the… Read More


Cut, Catch & Finish With A 1-Dribble Pull-Up

As a complement to the previous drill, now add in a dribble so the shooter learns how to create more separation from a potential defender. Why use this drill Get players used to creating off the catch by having them take a dribble and shoot a pull-up jumper. It’s a… Read More


Curl, Catch & Shoot From 4 Spots

Shooting is more than a release, it’s about footwork to create a shot and catching the ball in a proper shooting position to ensure success Why use this drill You want players taking game shots. All four shots in this sequence come off cuts and curls you’d expect players to… Read More


4-Person Outlet Drill

More passing requires accuracy and proper spacing as another person enters the fold in pushing the ball up the floor. Why use this drill This is the next progression from the previous page’s drill. Get players used to throwing quick, accurate passes to advance the ball rather than the dribble…. Read More


Hustle and Focus like Geno Auriemma’s Huskies

Hustle and focus are required in this drill teaching your players how to get down the floor quickly and score before a transitioning defense recovers. Why use this drill Ten-time national champion Geno Auriemma uses this drill with his team as it works as a conditioner while players build on-court… Read More


Post drill: Ball Screen, Roll & Receive High-Low Pass

Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you. Why use this post drill Get your post players used to coming toward the perimeter, then move back toward the hoop in creating high-percentage scoring… Read More


Post player skill development session

Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you. Why use this shooting drill Today’s post players need to be adept at coming high into sets, handling the ball and passing to teammates. This… Read More


1v1 "baseball" shooting drill to pump up competitiveness

Incorporating a 9-inning concept, the "Baseball Shooting Drill" ramps up the competitiveness and rewards consistency. 2 reasons to use this drill Arm your players with several shooting games/drills they can do with just a partner or two during the offseason. This drill gets a lot of shots for a pair… Read More


4v4 trap drill to ramp up intensity

Defenders trap on every pass as the offense attempts to find the open player before the drill spreads into a 4-on-4 full-court game with required trapping. Why use this drill? Ramp up the intensity with this passing and trapping drill, which turns into a full-court workout. Setting up this drill… Read More


Out-of-bounds play sets up second screen for open jumper

This drills starts your shooter on the weak-side block, then have the shooter screen high setting up a potential lob before coming off a second screen for an open jumper. Why use this out-of-bounds play? Running action toward the rim forces defenders to collapse, which leaves open spots for the… Read More