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‘Chase’ Drills Focus, Speed Dribbling

It’s a game of tag but players must dribble the entire time – see who has the speed and ability to shift direction quickly in this competitive drill. WHY USE IT Drive home the point about purposeful dribbling with the Chase Drill where players must go fast or get knocked… Read More


Attack & Make a Move

Teach players how to go strong with the dribble, execute a move and attack the rim for a high-percentage shot, then finish with another dribble or move. WHY USE IT Dribbling without purpose simply is bouncing the ball. Players need to practice attacking with the dribble, so when they are… Read More


Flare Screen Frees 3-Point Shooter

When time is running out, run this play requiring a high flare screen, a cross-court pass and a shot taken in rhythm before the defense recovers WHY USE IT This is the perfect play to run with three seconds or fewer remaining on the clock and when you desperately need an open 3-pointer. SET UP… Read More


Lunge Dribble Builds Explosive First Step

Dribble with one hand and lunge forward as the back leg’s knee almost touches the ground – it’s going to hurt … but it’s going to help develop explosiveness WHY USE IT Players need more drills in which they are exploding through their dribbles while also working on staying low. Both of these skills lead… Read More


Grab A Seat, Get Better Off The Dribble

Only allow one dribble to get to the hoop after grabbing the ball off the chair to develop an explosive, fast first step WHY USE IT Too often players look indecisive with the ball in a game – give them a lot of first-step repetitions in practice so they are better prepared to attack in game situations…. Read More


Use The Opposite Hand To Score

The Veer Reverse shows players how to start with a right-hand dribble but finish in the middle of the lane with a left-hand layup WHY USE IT Solid defenders cut off a player’s strong hand. Only repetitions with the opposite hand drive home the muscle memory to score at the rim with the “weak” hand. SET… Read More


‘Alley’ Drill Tightens The Court

Push players using a 1-on-1, full-court setting and give the defense the advantage by trimming the boundaries to the free-throw-lane width WHY USE IT Defenders need to learn the best methods to guard a ball handler in a potential lengthof- the-court situation. Ball handlers never have the entire court at their disposal, so show defenders they have an… Read More


Elbow Entry, Drive Through Lane

Enter the ball to the right elbow, move action through the lane and open the floor’s middle for a dribble-drive opportunity WHY USE IT This play produces a driving attempt at the rim but also can result in scoring chance for an opposite-side cutting player. SET UP All five players start outside the 3-point line with… Read More


Space & Drive

Initial action creates space for your best ball handler to take the defender off the dribble and get to the rim WHY USE THIS DRIBBLING PLAY Constantly running defenders off screens creates room at the top for a dribble-drive opportunity. SET UP Dayton led Ohio State, 35-32, early in the… Read More


Improve Off-Hand Dribbling

Find new ways to push players into developing their off-hand – they’ll thank you for it next time they beat a defender using the weak hand WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING DRILL Players who don’t have a “weak” hand are much more valuable to your offense – but do more… Read More