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Blind Rebound Outlet

Keep the rebounder in the dark about where the ball is going to work on game-like situations, then move into outlet passing and defending the pull-up jumper

Rebounders have their back to the ball on a shot in a game, so simulate the same scenario in practice.

A rebounder is facing the hoop under the basket. You (or an assistant) have a ball at the free-throw line. Place a line of players at each wing ready for a potential outlet pass. Place a line of defenders under the hoop at the court’s far end.

Shoot the ball hard with the intent to miss. The rebounder is in a boxing-out position and reacts quickly to the careening ball [1]. The rebounder grabs the ball with two hands and holds it as high as possible. He or she then outlets the ball with a front pivot (or front turn) to the ball-side wing player. The wing J-cuts to receive the ball with momentum. The catch is made and the ball handler dribbles hard up the floor as the first defender steps out [2]. The ball handler pulls up for a mid-range jump shot while the defender closes out with a hand up [3].


In this instance the ball is caught on the right side of the rim, so the rebounder pivots on the right foot and throws a two-hand, over-the-head pass while stepping toward the receiver with the opposite foot.

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