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Be The Last Player Standing

Protective dribbling and quick defensive hands are the two factors in determining who is the ‘King Of The Ring’ in this competitive half-court drill

Start figuring out your team’s best ball handlers and on-ball defenders by placing five people in a tight space and seeing who comes out on top.

Five players, all with basketballs, are placed in the lane. The lane lines are the out-of-bounds boundary along with the baseline and the free-throw line.

Players start dribbling with an eye on knocking away another person’s ball while simultaneously securing their own [1]. Players start going after each other in an attempt to poke away someone’s ball. Knock a ball out and get a point. Have your ball knocked out of the lane and lose a point [2]. If your ball is knocked out of the lane, chase it down and return as the others continue to battle [3].


Play for 30 to 45 seconds, making this a fast-paced, competitive drill. The person with the most points is declared the winner. The other four players must complete a punishment (a couple pushups should suffice). Have everyone run through the drill again for the same length of time. Keep track of who is the King Of The Ring each day. See who has the most wins in the preseason.

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