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Add Court Coverage To Post Drills

The next 3 daily post-player drills feature shifting your forwards and centers around the court so they become acclimated to moving through a free-flowing offense

Today’s game isn’t built around anchoring the tallest player on the post. Move your forwards and centers around the court to open space, passing lanes and scoring opportunities at the rim.

The first drill requires two coaches (or teammates) while the second and third just need one coach and one player.

Stressing possession over position, make post passes not directly to the player, forcing him to come off the block to get the ball. The player returns the pass. Do this several times then the coach on the opposite wing yells “Go!” and the player comes across the lane, receives a pass and scores [1]. For the second drill, the post player runs at you, touches the ball you are holding and runs to the glass. Toss the ball off the backboard. The post rebounds and scores [2]. The final drill has the post running to the wing, cutting to the hoop, catching the pass and scoring a layup. He then banana cuts outside the lane for a mid-range jumper and curls to the baseline for a long jumper [3].


Again, there is no dribbling here — it’s all rhythm — catch and shoot.

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