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4v4 trap drill to ramp up intensity

Defenders trap on every pass as the offense attempts to find the open player before the drill spreads into a 4-on-4 full-court game with required trapping.

Why use this drill?

Ramp up the intensity with this passing and trapping drill, which turns into a full-court workout.

Setting up this drill is easy

  • Spread four offensive (white jersey) players wide from the center circle.
  • Four defenders (blue jerseys) cover them.
  • You have a ball off to the side and initiate the action.

How to perform this 4v4 drill

  • Pass the ball to an offensive player, then exit the court.
  • The two closest defenders immediately trap the ball handler. The other two defenders now are the "interceptors" [1].
  • The offense looks to complete five passes without committing a turnover, and without the use of a dribble with limited moving (one step).
  • Defenders must trap every pass [2].
  • In this instance, consider the defense stole a pass and scored at its predetermined hoop.
  • Now, the offense goes 4-on-4 in the full court trying to score at the opposite end as the defense traps every pass [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill

4v4 trap drill to ramp up intensity

Get the technique right to perform this drill effectively

  • The first option is a pass to 1 for the jumper but 2 keeps an eye on 4 and 5 rolling to the hoop as one of them could be open as the defense attempts to recover
  • 2 and 3 must sell the pass fake. Have 2 make a hard fake with 3 rushing toward the ball with hands in a ready position.
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