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4-Ball Pivot, Fake & Pass

It takes a focused mind and perfect execution when having four players dribbling toward the same point, ball faking and passing

Work on forward pivots, reverse pivots and ball fakes all while challenging players to pass and receive within a split-second of each other to develop better timing, coordination and focus.

Set up four lines of players in the four quadrants of the court. Everyone is holding a ball. The first players in each of the four lines are involved in the action.

The first player in each line dribbles toward the center circle [1]. Upon reaching the center outside of the center circle, each player uses a jump stop and pivots to the right. The players all make a ball fake [2]. After the ball fake, all players pass to their right and immediately prepare to receive the oncoming ball. Timing and concentration are critical when receiving a pass a split-second after throwing one. [3].


Use chest passes first and progress to bounce and overhead passes. The next phase after pivoting to the right is to execute a reverse pivot and pass to the left with the same chest, bounce and overhead progression, while still including ball fakes before each one.

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