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2 “screen-the-screener” sets to beat aggressive Ds

A great way to take advantage of an aggressive, overplaying defense is to utilize screen-the-screener action.

As the defense focuses on the ball and taking away immediate passing lanes, your initial ball screener receives a screen, curls around and usually is open in the mid-range area.

Check out a couple screen-the-screener sets in the new Basketball Coach Weekly from Justin Pintar, a high school coach.

Also, check out a fantastic transition drill from Troy Culley (apprentice coach, England U18 national team) that works on conditioning and skill development.

Plus, as most state tournaments wind down, I’m interested in learning about your postseason and some of the lessons you’ve learned this year. Our readers learn a lot from their peers’ experiences, so let me know about how you handled some unexpected challenges you faced this year.

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Michael Austin
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