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My name is Michael Austin. I’ve been at the sharp end of basketball for 12 years, working with coaches, getting to know what motivates them and analyzing their training methods.

If you’d like to improve your coaching and breathe fresh life into your basketball practice, I can help you.

I’d like to show you a way to access FREE basketball drills that boost your team’s skills, motivation and develop winning strategies.

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FIRST FREE DRILL – Rebound Outlet Drill

This drill has it all – rebounding, outlet passing, sprinting in transition, using the dribble to attack the open floor and scoring on the move.

It’s also a secret conditioning drill with players having to complete the full-court actions in both directions, so you aren’t wasting time simply running lines but building basketball skills into your endurance training.

SECOND FREE DRILL – 3 Man, 2 Ball Drill

What’s great about this drill is it only requires three players (so you can break your team into small groups at different hoops), so everyone is moving for the duration (four minutes). Players are shooting, rebounding, outlet passing and relocating constantly – no one is allowed to stand still.

While not full-court in nature, this drill serves as a conditioner as well because it’s not easy to maintain form and concentration as players enter that fourth minute of the drill. Add a level of competition as each three-person group tracks their number of made shots.

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  • Getting team sponsorship
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  • Is your team getting enough fuel?
  • Am I still a good coach?
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  • Six attributes to look for in your captain
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Michael Austin

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